Founded in 2014, I-stock is based on automation, intelligence as the road, digitalization as the core, integration as a measure, to provide a full range of intelligent workshop solutions for electronic manufacturing enterprises and semiconductor enterprise customers! The core team of I-stock are professionals with more than 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and software development industry and semiconductor field. Our customers are well-known Fortune 500 enterprises at home and abroad!
      I-stock has always adhered to the customer needs as the core, driven by intelligent equipment, precision technology, industrial software to open up data flow, data +AI algorithm to empower the electronics and semiconductor industry intelligent storage, focus on product quality, heart service.

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Semiconductor intelligent logi…
SMT Intelligent warehouse
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Semiconductor intelligent logi…

i-Stock Semi Wafer stocker breaks through technical barriers to create industry-leading wafer storage devices. The equipment is equipped with a clean robotic arm, which meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry. High-speed transfer of wafers in the library, accurate take-up of wafers, outside the library can be expanded to AMR/OHT loading and unloading, convenient and efficient, to create intelligent and visual semiconductor wafer storage devices.

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SMT Intelligent warehouse

The i-Stock ll Pro is a product that has been developed and upgraded on the basis of the original by the i-Stock technical team, and comes out strongly with features such as high capacity, high efficiency and double robotic arms. The three-deep design of the storage location increases the amount of material storage by three times. In addition, in order to increase the storage capacity of the machine, the i-Stock ll Pro also increases the storage capacity by adding intermediate modules on the basis of retaining the original height and width.

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Smart logistics surrounding su…

AGV can be configured with multiple sets of maps in a single scene and has an independent task chain, without manually setting execution steps. Dynamically configure the execution vehicle according to the demand, go to the path, reduce manual intervention; Make full use of AGV production capacity, dynamic balance, and overall improve distribution efficiency.

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Data intelligence cloud system…

i-Stock work order sorting line mainly helps some electronics industry including SMT industry to solve the sorting problem of material in production, such as tray. These plates need to be distributed according to the number of work orders during production, and the materials of different work orders also need to be identified, that is, the materials of different work orders need to be affixed with corresponding bar codes or identification codes to facilitate production control. This requires the material to be sorted and placed separately according to the type and quantity of the work order.

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